What we do

We are a technology company that builds next-generation business process automation and data analytics solutions with a focus on the financial services and legal industries, specializing in the field of document automation, data dissemination and information exchange.
Fully managed document automation
Self-service document automation
PRIIP KIDs & MiFID 2 platform
Derivatives product database
LIBOR decommissioning
Contract lifecycle management

Fully managed document automation

  • Fully managed hosted solution
  • Enterprise-ready platform – London-based ISO 27001 certified data center, GDPR compliance, resilience/automatic failover, scalability, multiple deployment options, federated identity (SAML SSO), integrations, audit logging
  • Document generation in DOCX, HTML and PDF
  • Creation and maintenance of templates by WSD derivatives experts
  • Workflow automation
  • Data feeds via web form or REST API
  • SEC EDGAR filings

Self-service document automation

  • Hosted solution
  • Web-based development platform
  • Simplified version of JavaScript for building forms, templates and data extraction rules
  • Comprehensive online documentation
  • Live preview functionality for easy debugging
  • Out-of-the-box integration with market data, document generation and data extraction services
  • Library of pre-made templates for corporate, capital markets and financial applications

PRIIP KIDs and MiFID 2 platform

  • Fully managed hosted solution
  • Industry-standard Key Information Document (KID) templates developed with a consortium of leading manufacturers
  • Near-universal coverage of investment products and exchange traded derivatives (more than a thousand payoff variations) and around 50 OTC derivatives (FX, rates, equity)
  • Out-of-the-box support for 19 European languages
  • High-performance risk engine to calculate risk measures, performance scenarios and payoff graphs (ability to calculate risk for 300,000 products in 1.5 hours)
  • Distribution platform for KIDs and PRIIP KIDs and MiFID 2 to WM Daten, SIX, Bloomberg and other data vendors and distributors across Europe

Derivatives product database

  • Granular reference data (down to initial fixings, initial estimated value and coupon and early redemption schedules) for all structured products traded publicly in Europe and the United States
  • Automatic data feeds augmented with manual data entry
  • Data validation
  • Data retrieval via REST API or web UI
  • Data analytics tools covering data evolution, comparison between products, errors, outliers and range filters

LIBOR decommissioning

  • Multiple on- and off-premise deployment options
  • Pre-configured data model with more than 100 LIBOR-specific data points
  • Twin data extraction engine supporting both machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Multi-language architecture with out-of-the-box support for English, French and German (other languages can be added)
  • Integrated OCR tool for conversion of PDF documents (including scans) into DOCX format
  • One-click generation of LIBOR exposure reports with tables, bar and pie charts
  • Built-in contract authoring system for automatic drafting of amendments, etc. using industry standard wording for ESTER, SARON, SOFR, SONIA and TONAR
  • Workflow platform to route deals to internal and external stakeholders

Contract lifecycle management

  • Contract authoring with pre-made templates
  • Contract markups and playbook checks
  • Contract analytics with more than 250 pre-trained data points
  • Related/suggested clause functionality
  • Online word processing software with native DOCX and PDF support
  • Collaborative document editing
  • In-app chat
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with box.com and DocuSign

Documentation coverage

Term sheets

Key information documents (KID)

U.S. specific documentation

Final terms / pricing supplements

Performance reports

OTC confirmations

We serve the most demanding clients

Design services

  • Branding
  • Wireframe, UX and UI design for technology platforms
  • Marketing brochure design
  • Multiple awards for projects across different industries

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